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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We put our expertise to use to push you to the top of the search engines. Increase your website’s traffic and ensure you show up at the top of the search engines like google for the keywords most relevant to your business. Our comprehensive approach is customized to your business and needs to ensure we achieve your goals.

Social Media Marketing

Expand your social media presence on the largest platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which hold a massive presence on the web. We leverage these services to get your business noticed, and tap into the many millions of visitors that use them on a daily basis. Build your credibility online and reach a larger audience!

Social Media Management
Online Reputation Management

Expand your social media presence on the largest platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which hold a massive presence on the web. We’ll help your business get noticed, and tap into the many millions of visitors that use these services on a daily basis.

Do You Need a Top Montreal SEO Agency?

If you’re a business owner with a local business, you probably want to make it as easy for customers to find you as possible. If you’ve set a marketing budget, you want to try and get the best ‘bang for your buck’, with the best return on investment.

Businesses trying to get found in the search results of search engines like Google often turn to paid advertising or ‘pay-per-click’ marketing. These companies make it easy to get started, often offering a bonus to your first payment. However, while you may have results with this type of marketing strategy, it can quickly become quite expensive, as you’re paying for every visitor who clicks on your ad, even if you’re showing up in the ads at the top of search results.

Digital marketing agencies who provide search engine optimization services may offer a better value than paid advertising, as they can work to rank your website organically in the first few results of a keyword search in a search engine like Google. This means you’re now getting free traffic without having to pay for every click. Organic rankings like can last for months on their own, and be maintained for years with continued link building to keep you ahead of your competitors.

So just how can you rank in the Google algorithm? A few key aspects are web design, on-page SEO, and backlinks to your website.

Our digital SEO agency works with local businesses to help them rank at the top of the search engines.

Our team works with local Montreal, Quebec businesses.

1. Quality Web Design

You’ll want to make sure you have an attractive looking website that is helpful to your visitors. Ensuring your website provides value will keep people on your site longer, which shows google that people aren’t immediately going back to the search results to try another website. Furthermore, making sure your website loads quickly and displays well on mobile are other factors that can influence your rankings.

2. On-Page Optimization

High quality written content is key to ranking well. Ensuring that relevant keywords are included in the content for the keyword you are targeting is important. Rich media, relevant images, video and more can all help to show Google your website is useful to a visitor.

3. Quality Linking

Search engines use links from other websites to determine if your website is important or an authority on a topic. Having links to your websites from other authorities and large web properties will go a long way towards ranking for your most valuable keywords. Try to find out who is linking to your competitors. If they have links from large authority websites like the better business bureau, these can carry a lot of weight in Google’s eyes.

Boss North SEO Montreal is an SEO agency in Montreal offering services including marketing campaigns, video production, and SEO services. We work with small businesses and help them to rank for competitive keywords in their niche that will bring them more business. Often, our clients can save thousands of dollars a month by ranking for search terms organically, instead of having to purchase expensive paid traffic. That said, we are not the only option for a search agency. There are tens of Montreal SEO experts operating in the area, specializing in different areas and with clients of different sizes. Our own company only works with a few companies and chooses our projects and clients carefully to ensure we can deliver an amazing value.

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