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🤖 What Are Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Messenger chatbots run on the Facebook messenger platform and are designed to automate conversations with your customers. A smartly-coded bot will have fun interactions with your customers and keep them engaged. Facebook created a system that allows for chatbots to run on their Messenger platform, and methods for people to start interacting with your chatbot, through widgets, links, pop-ups, ads, and even comments on facebook posts!

🔎 What Are Customers Looking For From Chatbots?

A resolution for a problem or issue

Get a quick answer to a question

Get detailed information from a query

Get live help from a human support agent

With the possibilities of chatbots, it's going to be a no-brainer for business to use bots to improve efficiencies in customer support, sales, and marketing. When designed properly, your customers will love interacting with your bot, and will be able to get help faster than if they had to send an email or call you directly.

Facebook Messenger is a messaging platform that supports chatbots.

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging platform used by over a billion people every month. Nearly everyone has a facebook account, making it a fantastic way to connect with customers. Messenger can show chat notifications on the web, via email, and through push notifications on your phone, and results in much higher open rates for your messages than a traditional email list.

💣 The Power Of Facebook Messenger

Roughly 1.5 Billion active Messenger users

80% of Americans use Messenger regularly

Five times more messenger messages are sent than texts

Business messages have grown by 400% in one year

56% prefer Messenger over phone with businesses

👋 Meet Our Chatbot,


Ready to meet a messenger bot? BossBot is Boss North SEO’s helpful digital marketing assistant. You can find the messenger box pop-up in the bottom right section of the page to get a free website analysis from him. Or you can click here to meet him, and get our free ‘Boss’ Online Promotional Jumpstart for Businesses ebook. BossBot has hundreds of many hours of work invested into his core to add intelligence beyond a basic chatbot, and this core code is built into every chatbot we create for businesses!

Bossbot, a smart Facebook Messenger chatbot for Boss North SEO!

🤔 Why Use Chatbots In Your Business?

Use chatbots to save time, improve your support system, engage and learn more about your customers, and generate new leads.


Generate Leads & Get More Customers

You can create multiple ways for visitors or customers to interact with your chatbot, and use your bot to generate leads from your business, gathering email addresses, learning about your customers, and setting up appointments, calls, or sales, all while giving your visitors entertaining interactions and valuable content.

Improve & Increase Conversion

While email subscription lists have lower open rates and conversion rates than ever, bots offer a fun way for users to learn more about your brand and products and can be used to continue to market to them over days and weeks. Your bot can learn more about users, segmenting them into groups for more effective targeting.


Connect Smartly With Your Customers

Not only can you program your bot to answer commonly asked questions or complete basic requests, but you can also use it to identify customers who need help and notify you or your team so they can immediately address an issue. A bot can catch a dissatisfied customer before they leave a negative review and put them in touch with a human to resolve their concern.

🤑 How Can Your Business Use Messenger Bots?

The sky is the limit with how chatbots can change, grow, and augment your business. Find out about a user’s needs with fun questions that allow you to personalize your marketing and offers towards them. Let visitors make an appointment, reservation, or book with you directly through your automated assistant. Use your bot as your first line of customer support, cutting down on your team’s workload, while highlighting customers who need a response right away. Encourage users to review, rate, follow and like your business if they had a good experience to bolster your online reputation and reach over time.

Create interactive experiences that visitors love!

Get user emails, phone numbers and more from Facebook

Send messages directly to users' Facebook feeds

Let customers book appointments and services through your bot

Your bot can answer a customer's basic support questions

Route customers to a human if they need additional help

Invite customers to review your business or follow on social media

🤖 The Tools For Building The Best Messenger Bots

So you know you want a smart bot to help your customers and build your business, but how are these bots made? The answer to that are bot building tools, the biggest and most popular being Manychat and Chatfuel. These companies work with Facebook and other platforms to enable their bots to work on these platforms. These tools make it easier to make a bot than it would otherwise be, but it can still take tens of hours to just learn the platform, let alone start building your bot and learning best practices.

Use Manychat to build Facebook chatbots!Manychat

Manychat is a visual bot builder rich in features like broadcasting, analytics, live support, and most important, a visual bot builder that makes it easy to start designing your own bot ‘flows’ that drive the interactions your bot will have with users who engage with it. Manychat is our chosen bot platform for the above reasons, and it’s currently leading the pack in terms of features and development. The Boss North SEO bot core has thousands of hours of development allowing for more interactivity, responsiveness, and logic than nearly any other bot.

Chatfuel is a popular Facebook messenger bot builderChatFuel

This is another bot builder that enables you to make an interactive bot on Facebook Messenger. Chatfuel is very popular, and according to their statistics, powers 46% of bots on Facebook. ChatFuel has a higher steeper learning curve in our experience than Manychat, creating a higher barrier to entry. ChatFuel does, however, have a larger array of pre-built templates to use, however, these templates are not going to match the complexity nor offer as much interactivity as a custom bot built using our bot core.

📖 Beginner’s Guide To Building Your Own Chatbot

If you want to try creating your own bot, go for it! If you’re willing to invest the time and effort, you can do it yourself, though there is a lot to learn between Facebook’s guidelines, bot building best practices, and learning how to make the most of the tools and build multiple flows that work together.

1. Sign-up for Manychat
You can follow their course on how to create bots in Manychat. Keep in mind it gets quite in depth, however! You’ll have to start by linking your manychat account to a facebook page for your business, which is where your bot will be based.

2. Plan what you want your bot to do.
Your bot could give away something of value to users in exchange for their email or phone number. It could be used to answer frequent questions you get with your business. Your bot can also send out broadcasts to bot subscribers for special events, like a sale or promotion at your business. Planning ahead is important before you start building out your bot.

An advanced bot flow in Manychat

An example of one of our chatbot flows.

3. Create your first flow in Manychat
You can set this as your default flow that users will interact with when they meet your bot. We recommend including some questions in this flow to find out more about each user and creating tags based on those questions. In this flow, you may want to give away something of value, like a guide, report, coupon, or something else your visitors will find valuable.

4. Let People Interact With Your Bot
When you’re ready to put your bot live, you can use the growth tools in Manychat to create a link that will let people interact with your bot. Other types of growth tools include a pop-up on your site or a post on Facebook that will subscribe people to your bot when you leave a comment. We use our bot to let people analyze their website for free and identify if they could benefit from our local seo services.

5. Keep Learning
If you’re serious about making a bot yourself you’ll want to dive into the Manychat documentation and follow bot building courses or check out videos on Youtube. There is a ton to learn about making bots. Our bot core is made up of many flows, and support for responses to hundreds of keywords. The sky is the limit for how far you can take your bot!

Get A Chatbot Built For Your Business

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