January 11

How Long Will It Take To Rank Your Website On Google?

Search Engine Optimization


This is one of the most common questions we get from people we speak with. When you’re using an SEO service, how long will it take for your website to rank in the top google results for the keywords you’re targeting?

Some people might assume that if someone was really good at search engine optimization and had a high enough money, that they could rank any website the next day. That really isn’t the case, however, and it’s Google that has this limitation.

Google Wants Ranking Online To Take Time

One of the ways that Google tries to prevent manipulation of the search results by people who want to rank in the top results is to slow down how quickly their algorithm will move a website up in the results. By doing this, not only do they discourage any purposeful manipulation, but they also make it harder for professionals in the digital marketing space and SEO experts from being able to easily study what has a positive impact on rankings. If you could change your website content and see the immediate result on the change to your rankings, you could quickly run tests and determine ranking factors that might take months to draw conclusions from otherwise.

Search Engine Optimization

What SEO Changes On My Website Will Rank It?

When optimizing your website you’re going to want to focus on making sure your website is relevant to the keywords you’re targeting, and is going to be helpful to visitors to do find it. That means giving them information about their search that will keep them on their website and answer their query.

Pay attention to your URLs, webpage title, and meta description that will show up in the google search results. These should be relevant to the keyword and topic, but also ideally entice users to click on your website instead of another.

Over time, you’re going to want to build backlinks to your website from authority websites online. This is one element of our monthly SEO service. The key to backlinking is to ensure it appears natural to google. If all of a sudden 100 new websites are linking to your website, that simply isn’t natural in most cases and will be a red flag.


How Long Does It Take To Rank With Local Search Engine Optimization?

It’s impossible to give an exact time-frame for all situations, as it will vary based on the competitiveness of the keyword you are pursuing, the overall current metrics and authority of your website, your budget, and Google’s algorithim.

In general we get results for most clients within 6-8 months of beginning an SEO campaign, often earlier than that. Your website should start ranking for longtail keywords prior to ranking for you primary, more competitive keywords which can start bringing in traffic and sales much sooner.

Start Your Business’s SEO Sooner Rather Than Later!

Because it can take so long to rank online, it’s best not to put it off if you recognize you need it or could benefit from it. Getting backlinks to your business from authorities and other websites in your niche will also be highly helpful and will slowly build up your own website’s authority so it will rank higher in search results. Just don’t try to do this by buying some cheap backlinks package online, these services are more likely to hurt you than help!

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