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We offer services for online marketing fully customized for your business. Whether you're looking to order a specific service or develop a complete digital marketing strategy for your business, we're ready to help!
Search Engine Optimization

With our managed SEO services, we can get your website ranking in the top results in Google.

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Messenger Bots

facebook bots can reduce costs, deliver personalized experiences to your customers, and even generate revenue on demand!

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Responsive Web Design

We build interactive, optimized websites that will maximize the user's experience based on their behavior.

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Local SEO

We rank your website for local search results for your city, and in local Google Maps listings.

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Social Media Marketing

We use social media to grow your online reach, and connect with your customers like never before.

Reputation Management

We use strategies to highlight your most positive content, and reduce exposure of negative online coverage.

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Online Advertising

We build highly-converting campaigns to deliver the maximum ROI on your marketing budget.

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Rankings & Analytics

Track your website's rankings, and metrics like visitors, bounce rate, conversion and more with online analytics.

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Your Primer for Online Marketing in 2019

Using Digital Marketing for your business is more important than ever before. Find out what you need to know below, whether you’re doing it yourself or working with a professional.

Digital Marketing: What It Encompasses

In a nutshell, digital marketing includes all the ways of reaching customers through digital means. This can range from everything from ranking your website in Google to purchasing paid ads on Facebook and Google, to using email marketing to send out offers to your list of subscribers.

Digital marketing is a field that is constantly growing and changing, as the methods we use to communicate and reach people change. New opportunities are constantly arising, such as the ability to market to consumers using facebook bots that build a relationship with your customer and keep them engaged with your brand.

Online and digital marketing is quickly replacing and outgrowing more traditional types of marketing. For example, when is the last time you picked up a phone book to look for a service? Nowadays, it’s most common to do a google  search, or check yelp or facebook. Businesses that are relying on older and more traditional means of advertising run the risk of being left behind by their competitors who are staying on the cutting edge.

Types of Online Digital Marketing

There are a ton of different types of digital marketing available, and it’s almost impossible to include every possible type. We’ve compiled a list of a few below:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Pay-Per-Click
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Online Public Relations
  8. Online Reputation Management
  9. Viral Marketing

Just because all of these types of digital marketing exist, doesn’t mean that you have to use them all. If you’re getting started with online marketing, it’s best to focus on one, or a few different types and take your time to learn and get the most out of them. It’s also a good idea to find which are going to be most applicable for your business. For a fashion brand, for example, social media marketing can have a massive impact on the ability to advertise visually and build a following of people who will buy your merchandise over and over. For a lawyer, search engine optimization may be the most helpful, ensuring that people can find your firm when they search for a lawyer in their city.

If you aren’t sure which areas of digital marketing are going to be best for your business, be sure to contact us. We can setup a strategy session to discuss where your marketing efforts can have the biggest impact.

What do Online Marketing Companies Do?

Digital marketers are experts in various areas of online marketing, and work or consult with clients to help market their business, services, or products. Some professionals choose to specialize in some areas, as the entire digital marketing space is very vast.

When we are working with a client, we first start by evaluating their business and finding out what they’re looking to accomplish. Often we make suggestions and identify areas where there are opportunities that they may not have considered. We put together a plan for how to best leverage marketing to accomplish their objective, whether that’s getting more people in the door, growing their social profiles, or designing a new website for them.

Our team will determine the scope and schedule for the entire project in our internal project management scheduling tool to ensure that everything is completed on time. At that point, we begin working on the project, whether that involves creating content, managing their social media profiles, or rebuilding their website. Many business choose to work with a digital marketing agency so they can continue to focus on their business and not have to worry about learning the ABC’s of SEO or how to create a profitable PPC campaign.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Have you set an advertising or marketing budget for your business? If the answer is no, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

With any marketing budget, the goal is to make more money back than you spend, by achieving a positive ROI (return on investment). When done correctly, marketing results in more profit for your business and allows you to grow further, and even invest more back into your marketing.

If you tried running ads for your business and burned, you might be not be feeling too hot on the idea of spending money on your marketing. In that case, it’s likely best to look for a professional who can look for where you have the opportunity for the highest ROI and can optimize a marketing campaign to bring profitability.

Investing in marketing can help your business grow much faster than you could without it. Search Engine Optimization, for example, can have up to a 500% or greater ROI, depending on your business, your competition, and niche. That’s because while it may take a few months to get your website ranking highly in the SERPs (search engine results pages), often after that you can cruise along in the top results and get hundreds or multiple thousands of visitors a month without having to spend thousands for each click (unlike pay-per-click).

Companies that have skyrocketed to making multiple millions of dollars a year almost always make use of digital marketing in some way, or may have taken advantage of viral marketing, which is another type of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Agency Services

SEO is one of our favorite types of digital marketing at Boss North SEO (hey, it’s in the name!). With Search Engine Optimization, we combine on-page SEO (meaning the elements of your website) with off-page (other websites and links) and optimize many of the factors that Google uses to determine how relevant a website is for a particular search term or keyword. That means if you were a Montreal roofing company, we’d work to optimize your website and authority links to your website to position you as the #1 most relevant and helpful business and resource for Montreal roofing.

One of the best parts of SEO is that you don’t have to pay for each click from Google like you do if you use pay-per-click ads. By ranking highly in Google for relevant keywords for your business, you get constant FREE traffic that comes in month after month, looking for the solutions you offer and making your phone ring off the hook.

There are other types of Search Engine Optimization as well. Local SEO is specific to local businesses, like a local Montreal dentist wanting to rank for ‘best montreal dentist’. Local search will include google maps, which can appear in the search results for local searches. This is a particular type of SEO, and can also have fantastic results, as you can show up in google maps on phones and with voice search.

The Basics of Online Marketing for Beginners If You Aren’t Using An Internet Marketing Company

To get started with digital marketing for your business, take a look at how you’re currently getting customers through your online sources. This could be via social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, through Google organic search and Google maps, from paid ads, or from other websites that refer visitors using links to your website. If you have Google Analytics set up on your website you can track how many customers you have on your website, and where they’ve come from. We set up Google Analytics for our clients for many of our projects at no added cost.

Once you’ve determined where your customers are coming from, look for ways to improve those sources and expand them. You might have opportunities to work with another business that can run a cross-promotion with you, or you may be able to create more social media content that will help people find you from Facebook. Often, running a giveaway on social media can be a great way to get more people into your business if you are able to promote it effectively.

Start to take a look at new digital marketing avenues you can use for your business. We can’t go in-depth with each of the various areas and how you can use them for your business, but feel free to contact us if you’d be interested in learning more how you can grow your business with online marketing!

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