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Nearly every business could use more customers. Our managed search marketing services get your website ranking in the top results in Google for keywords relevant to your business or service that people are searching for. Unlike paid ads, ranking organically in Google means constant FREE traffic to your business, month after month.

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From Laval to Longueuil, and the surrounding area, we are Montreal's trusted SEO company for local businesses looking to top the search engine rankings.

Our team of search specialists work with small businesses that want more search traffic to their businesses, and propel their website's to the top of Google for keywords that get anywhere from hundreds to thousands of searches per month!

Our team can deliver results, with over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space using search engine optimization to rank our own businesses online as well as those of our clients. Trust us as your choice for web marketing services, we follow industry standard best practices that won't risk your business being penalized by google unlike 'spammy' link-building services.

Feel free to get in touch with a completely free consultation! We tailor our hands-free search marketing services based on your budget and your goals for your business!


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Search marketing is the process of optimizing the visibility of your website in the search engine results. This includes following the quality guidelines of search engines like Google, optimizing your content for the topic you wish to rank for, and increasing your website's authority online. Using strategic ranking strategies we can push your website into the top results for keywords related to your business, products, or services and get hundreds to thousands of visitors a day looking for the solution you offer your customers.


Interested in any of our web marketing packages or services?
Get in touch and we can build a custom package for you based on your needs!

Fully Managed Ranking

Our team of SEM experts builds a customized plan to rank your website online.

On-Page Optimization

We optimize the content of your website for your business's targeted keywords.

Web Link Expansion

Backlink packages with a variety of link sources to diversify your linking profile.

Authority Niche Links

Powerful links from other websites in your Niche to power up your authority!

Press Release Distribution

We create and distribute press releases that are SEO optimized!

Premium Editiorial Links

Get backlinks with professionally written articles from top editorial websites!

Reputation Management

We create a shield of positive content that can protect your brand and boost your rankings.

Social Branding Builder

A foundation of branded social media profiles created on the largest social media platforms.

Done For You Blogging

Our professional writers create and post blog updates for your business.

Directory Listing & Citations

Manual submissions to top directories and citation websites for local search rankings.

Premium Guest Posting

We use outreach to get links from authority and niche-specific websites.

Daily Rank Tracking

See daily changes in your search rankings and overall trends and improvements.



The numbers and statistics don't lie, more and more people are searching for, and purchasing products and services online. If you aren't showing up in the top of the search results, your competitors are getting your potential business instead of you!


64% of people search online before making a purchase.

Source: Think With Google


61.5% of search users click on one of the top 3 results on Google.

Source: SearchEngineWatch


76% of people searching on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day.

Source: Think With Google

Do I need A local Montreal Search Optimization Agency?

Ranking in local seach can bring much more traffic to your business!

Online optimization services for local businesses are specifically designed around ranking in Google’s maps and local search results. Google can personalize search results based on a user’s location, meaning that if you search for a term like ‘plumber’ or ‘mold removal’, you can be served local results that will address your needs. At Boss North SEO, we rank your website and business so that it will show up in these local results for your city or area, like ‘Montreal dentist’ or ‘Quebec personal injury lawyer’. If your website isn’t showing up in the top few results for the most relevant and highly searched keywords related to your business’s products or services, local search engine optimization could greatly increase the number of people finding your business.

How much does search engine optimization cost in Montreal?

The cost of online ranking services will differ significantly depending on your business’s niche and needs. Some keywords and niches are fiercely competitive and can have many businesses competing to rank at the very top, while others may have very little competition.

Depending on your website and current content and links back to your website, this could affect the amount of optimization and work that needs to be done to get your website in a position to rank well. So for these reasons, it’s impossible to generalize the exact price of search marketing services.

Key reasons quotes for search marketing in Montreal vary:

  • Your targeted keywords may have more or less competition
  • Online competitors may or may not have used SEM services themselves
  • Has your website been around for a long time and built authority?
  • Do you already have a lot of existing quality content on your website?
  • Have you used poor quality marketing services in the past, or was your website been penalized?

One of our team members performing SEO services for a client.It’s important to find a reputable digital marketing professional when looking for search marketing services. While you’ll find all sorts of services online offering thousands of backlinks to rank your website for $5, these types of services won’t help, or will even hurt your rankings and risk search penalties from Google. Nothing will increase the cost of ranking your website online more than a manual penalty from Google as a result of spammy link-building practices that may have seemed like a smart cost-saving measure at the time.

What are search engine ranking strategies I can use in my local Montreal business?

The basics of search optimization start with your website and it’s content. It’s important to have quality content on your website that informs visitors of the products or services that your business offers, as well as generally helpful information that visitors will find useful.

When someone searches for a keyword online, they’re looking for a solution. They might want information on how to do something, or what types of products will solve a problem. When you’re looking to rank your website online for a particular keyword, you want to solve that searcher’s problem or offer a solution.

First and foremost, your website should be focused on helping your visitors. Not only can creating good content around a topic look good to Google’s algorithm, but visitors will find that you are an authority on your topic, will stay longer on your website, and may even share your content with others, which can result in more topics and build further authority back to your website.

How important is web design for ranking in local Montreal searches?

Good web design and search marketing are certainly interlinked. Because of this, as part of the digital marketing services we offer, we include on-page optimization where we make changes to the content of your website to ensure it is maximally optimized for Google’s Googlebot and their algorithm.

Web designers can create beautiful, responsive web designs, but they often only know the basics of SEO, which can result in your website ranking quite poorly even after investing thousands of dollars in a brand new website.

At Boss North, we design websites with optimization for Google search and visitor conversion in mind. This includes being SSL friendly, creating responsive designs, lowering bounce rates and adding prominent contact and calls-to-action.

Web Design with Search Engine Optimization in mind can get your website ranking easily!

What Affects Your Rankings?

  1. Your Website speed and loading time.
  2. SSL secure websites rank better.
  3. Is your website mobile responsive?
  4. Can Google able to read all content on your website?
  5. The amount of content on your website.
  6. On-page rich media, alt-tags and schema.

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