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At Boss North SEO we work with local Montreal, Quebec businesses to increase their online visibility and get them ranking on the first page in google for their most valuable keywords. As Montreal locals, we want to see the best businesses be found online, and love to bring our expertise to help businesses grow!

Search marketing is only becoming more complicated and difficult, making it nearly impossible for local business owners and professionals to stay up to date on the latest changes. Our team uses industry recognised best practices that are fully “white-hat” and google friendly.

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search engine optimization

how does it help?

improve your credibility

Increase your business’s credibility with a strong web presence. Visitors are more likely to trust your businesses when it appears as one of the first results for their search. Ensure that your business is an authority in your niche.

build your brand

SEO can improve your website’s branding. By holding the top positions in search engines for keywords related to your brand, you can both build awareness as well as strongly associate your product or service with your niche.

increase your visibility

Improve your visibility to customers online with the help of SEO. By optimizing your website or other web properties, your website will show up higher in the rankings of search engines like Google for keywords related to your brand or products. You’ll have more web traffic and visitors coming to your website looking for the services or product you offer. Did you know that 60% of people click on the first 3 results in a Google search? You can’t afford not to rank well online!

it’s a great ROI

Search Engine Optimization offers a fantastic return on investment. A top page one ranking can bring a 1000% or greater return in sales or revenue over the cost to maintain that ranking. While pay-per-click and online advertisements require a high continued expenditure to continue to see results, search rankings are much more stable and cost significantly less to maintain.

SEO Line Drawing Process

What is SEO?

how our montreal search engine marketing helps

SEO is the process of improving how your website appears to Google and other search engines. Search Engines have to decide how to rank billions of pages for individual keywords and to do so they use thousands of different factors they use, which come together to decide how your website or page ranks for a keyword that your customers may search for.

If you’ve ever looked up a topic on google, you’ll see each website is ranked on the first page from number 1 to 10. Then, if you click at the bottom to the next page you’ll see another 10 websites listed from top to bottom. But how likely are you to click on one of the listings at the bottom of page one, or even get to page two in the first place? If your topic or keyword is rather general, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for in one of the first few listings, and visit that page. As it turns out, if you aren’t in the first three listings in google for a keyword, your website is only going to get a small percentage of the people searching, visiting it.

While Search Engine Optimization is an incredibly complex process with many different areas that you can focus your efforts on, there are two main areas, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. The former refers to making changes and improvements to your website which will make Google and other search engines view it more favorably. The latter can consist of getting other sites to leave links to your site, which can indicate to search engines that your site is more important or relevant to people. There are hundreds of thousands of searches made in Montreal every day for businesses, products and services.

Do I Need Search Engine Optimization for my website?

If you want more traffic and visitors to your website, SEO is the most effective long-term way to get more people to your website. There are many ways you can increase your traffic, but most are short-term solutions or very expensive with time. For instance, one option to get more visitors to your site is Google AdWords. You can pay for your website to appear at the top of Google’s search results for specific keywords. However, each click will cost you a certain amount of money. This can add up quickly, and cut down on your profits if you are having to pay to get customers. On the other hand, if your website ranks high on the search engines naturally, you can get hundreds or thousands of visitors per day over the long terms, without having to pay a single cent for each visitor.

How Does One Improve their SEO?

You can start the process of SEO by working to improve the content of your website. Updating your site to improve the design, how fast the website loads, and ensuring it contains lots of helpful information for visitors are fairly simple ways to help improve your rankings in Google. These are very broad, basic instructions though, as SEO is a very deep topic and something you can spend hundreds of hours learning. For this reason, we suggest finding an SEO professional who knows the best practices for optimizing your website. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can possibly do more harm than good, and actually hurt your long-term website rankings in Google. Our Montreal digital marketing agency can help you increase your online rankings.

Why work with us?


unique strategy

We analyze your business, website and goals and create a personalized campaign to meet your business’s targets and potential. We choose not to use a “one size fits all” approach that might leave your rankings in limbo or end up being completely overkill for your needs.


high quality services

All work performed on your website and SEO campaign is executed by our team of trained professionals using the industry standard best practices. We take a hands-on approach to your campaign, and monitor your website’s ranking progress throughout to keep you informed with reports detailing ongoing work completed and ranking improvements.


quality work

We don’t use any ‘blackhat’ SEO methods, or unsafe link-building strategies. We don’t outsource your project to 3rd party companies in other countries that might hurt your rankings instead of help. All SEO efforts made on your site will only improve your website’s ranking performance and power over the long term.


we’re your digital marketing agency

Want to expand your campaign with us from search engine marketing into social media management, online reputation management or many other directions? Let us handle all of your digital marketing needs, simplify your marketing portfolio and decrease your costs!

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