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Boost Your Rankings With Google Friendly Web Design!


A website redesign can increase usability for visitors, ensure it's responsive on all devices your customers use, and give your business an up-to-date contemporary look, but if you can't rank in Google search, what's the point? Our website design team understands the intricacies of on-page SEO, helping you rank more easily online to attain additional organic search traffic.

Fully Responsive Web Design for Phones, Tablets, and PCs.

SSL Secure Websites For Better Google Rankings.

Pages Optimized For Speed To Retain Visitors

We Design For Conversions And Lower Bounce Rate!


Responsive Design

Don’t leave out any of your customers, get a website that looks great across all the devices they use. Responsive designs resize and stack content automatically based on the size of the display. Ensure your website is touch-friendly and quick to load even on slower data connections!

Do you need a new website?

How does your website stack up to your competitors? It only takes users 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website that will decide whether they leave or stay. Your website could be making you money hand-over-fist or costing you big-time.

Web Design For 2019

We build modern, content and feature-rich websites that elevate your brand above your competitors and make visitors want to buy from you.

Easy Editing & Updates

Built on WordPress, it's easy to make changes and add content to your website with an intuitive visual editor.

Device Friendly

Make it easy for potential customers to learn about your solutions no matter where they are. Responsive design ensures you website looks good and works properly on any device, from phones, to tablets and PCs.

Increase Your Traffic

SEO Optimized, with SSL Support and Speed-tested, your website will rank better on Google, bringing in free search traffic from organic search results!

Why work with a web design company?

If you need a website for your business or are looking to redesign your website, working with web agency can ensure you get stellar results in a reasonable time period.

Some business owners may be unsure whether they want to try to design their website themselves or have a web designer do it for them. While building your own website isn’t as complicated as it used to be, a professional can do a better job, and complete the project much quicker than the average person who also has to split their time between the other areas of their business.

When working with an agency like ours based out of Montreal, Quebec, you’ll have access to all our experience and knowledge of best practices, conversion, page layout, what content you need, and how to optimize your website for Google. You don’t need to worry about speed-testing your website, or checking if it’s compatible with all browsers and device types.

We build websites.

Boss North SEO specializes in building rich websites that combine contemporary web design and graphic design with on-page SEO built-in from the ground up. With 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space, we understand how to build websites that bring results, from where to include contact information, calls-to-action, and informational content that inform your customer on the solutions you can offer them.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can manage all your marketing needs, from ongoing SEO services that pushes your business to the top of Google, to incorporating social media advertising or messenger bots that integrate seamlessly with the content and branding we’ve created for you.

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