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Author: Bob Nelson

If you're new to search engine optimization, you might not be familiar with the 'long-tail' keyword terminology. SEO: What Are Long-Tails? Long-tail keywords are longer search terms and variations of a 'parent' keyword. An example would be gym bags. A long-tail of gym bags might be 'gym bags for women', or 'best gym bag 2019'. These keywords typically have fewer searches in a search engine like Google, but have far less other websites competing in the results for them....

We often see businesses doing a lot of things right, that end up stuck on Page 2, 3, 4 or worse in the search results despite their best efforts. Unless you have a lot of knowledge about SEO, you might not realize what's holding you back.'Spammy' or bad links to your website.Often what can prevent your site from ranking well in search are links that Google deems as low quality, or spam links. And the...

2019 will be bringing a lot of changes to digital and online marketing, and you'll want to be prepared! There are some big trends coming that will start to shift the landscape of online marketing, and you'll want to be prepared!If you don't have a digital marketing strategy yet and are getting on alright, there's no need to panic. Building a comprehensive digital strategy for your business and keeping these trends in mind is enough. At...

Search Engine Optimization is more important for your business than ever before. It's increasingly common for people to search for businesses or topics online when looking for a service or product. If your business doesn't show up in the first few results, it's probably your competitors that people are finding instead. That's why I'm writing this blog on finding a local SEO expert who can help to rank your website in Montreal, Quebec search results.First of...

In today's blog post I'm going to be answering the logic-defying question: should I learn SEO before I start a blog? The answer is no! That's a little bit like asking should I learn to be a mechanic before I buy a car. You could conceivably think that part of owning a car is actually shelling out a lot of money every time it breaks down. I should know about this as it happens to me... 2018, more people than ever are using the internet to shop, browse, and learn than ever before. This can be clearly felt in the retail sector where many large retail stores are downsizing or going bankrupt, and meanwhile, Amazon is growing leaps and bounds in Canada.On shopping events like Black Friday, over 5 billion dollars was spent online last year, making up a large percentage of the overall spending and making for big opportunities for...