January 26

Should You Design Your Own Business Website?

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With the growth of website building tools like Squarespace or Wix advertising to directly to business owers, you might wonder whether it’s best to design your own website using one of these tools, or look for a professional web designer. There are a few things you should consider when deciding.

How important is your online website?

If your website is going to be the primary means for customers to find your business, learn about the solutions you offer, place orders, or get support, you’ll want to make sure your website is professional and meets all their needs. In this case a website building tool may not make sense, as these tools are quite basic and still require a fair amount of knowledge on design and content creation if you want to make a really stellar site.

Funnily enough, even as platforms like Squarespace market to business owners as an easy ‘do it yourself’ solution, there are web designers offering Squarespace web design solutions which suggest that these solutions are not quite as easy for end users to get a stellar result with as they might suggest.

What are your goals for your business website?

Website builders and tools are designed to be as simple as possible so even people who have not built a webiste before or have much experience with graphic design can still put up a working website. But that means that they also have more limitations on what you can do, than a web designer or developer who has a deep understanding of design, and languages like CSS.

If you have grand ambitions for your website, and might want custom solutions, then it’s better to work with a professional who can fully realize your vision.

How much spare time do you have to build a website?

While you can definitely create your own website if you set your mind to it, how much time will you have to set aside in order to do it? Many business owners are already working long hours, and building a high quality website can be very time intensive, especially if it’s your first. When you are learning a new skill, it will take you a lot longer to do things the first time around, and you’ll make more mistakes. Of course, if you’re making more websites in the future then you’ll find each easier (and they’ll likely be better) than the one before, but you’ll have to set aside time to accomplish this.


Why work with a Montreal Web Design Company?

When you choose to work with a web designer or agency, the advantage is that they’re a specialist in the area, understand best practices, and can design you a very professional website. We look at a lot of websites, and see a lot of rookie mistakes made by people who are new to web design and may not have a great understanding of good design in general. While they themselves may like the website, it may not resonate well with their visitors and may result in a lot of people leaving the site and visiting another.

A web design company can work with you to determine your needs from your website and even give you ideas you may not have thought of.

You’ll want to plan out what pages your site will need, an idea of the elements included and layout.

After that, they can get started on building your brand new website. During that time, you can be focusing on your business while they do the hard work!

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